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June 2020

Field research featured in the local newspaper Haldensteiner Bote

The work done in summer 2020 on the Calanda was outlined for many a curious local in Haldenstein, who has seen our field crew busy on the meadows. Read more about it here.


October 2019

Short video series on biodiversity

We published a series of ten short videos about environmental change and biodiversity. The episodes cover what biodiversity is, who benefits from it, who studies it, how they study it, what threatens it and what we can do about these threats.

The videos are aimed for school children between ages 11-16 and the content of the videos was brainstormed together with teachers in order to come up with a format that would suit the target audience. Click here for more information.

Click here to see the videos.

July 2019

Funding for research aiming to develop climate smart agricultural practices

Our consortium proposal ‘MULTA: Multi-benefit solutions to climate-smart agriculture’ led by Prof. Jari Lisk received funding from the Strategic Research Council (Academy of Finland).

The food system is facing a need for a systemic change to harness its significant potential to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions while producing healthy food sustainably to a growing population under changing environmental conditions.

A promising future direction is to promote management practices that enhance the ability of soils to sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide. Regenerative agriculture supports also other sustainability goals, such as soil health and productivity, biodiversity, water quality, resilience and food quality.

A rupturing powdery mildew fungus particle, releasing sexually produced spores. Image credit: Laine et al. (CC BY 4.0

18 June 2019

Research featured

Our article ‘Variable opportunities for outcrossing result in hotspots of novel genetic variation in a pathogen metapopulation’ was featured on the eLife Digest forum.
Link to story.

Laine, A-L., Barrès, B., Numminen, E. & Sirén, J. 2019. Variable opportunities for outcrossing result in hotspots of novel genetic variation in a pathogen metapopulation. eLife 8:47091.

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